Straight away, without very long or detailed instructions. Here you got some Emule configurations that you can try. In this case i´ll show it in Windows 7 but it´s the same for any other system.

-Let´s say we already have Emule installed and all the antivirus or spyware disabled. We´ll make sure that Windows Firewall is allowing Emule through the client ports, to do this go to: Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Allow a program through Windows Firewall

In this one we´ll see if Emule is allowed to pass through the Firewall, if this option doesn´t show right there, we can select the program pressing the "Allow another program..." button.

-Open Emule, go to "Settings" and click on "Connect", here I will show some screenshots with 3 possible settings to connect the net. 

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

-Now, once you have chosen one of the possible configurations, we must go back to Control Panel and open the ports you have chosen to let them pass through Windows Firewall. So let´s go back to Start > Control Panel and now in the left side of the window we´ll click on Advanced Settings:
In the new window we´ll click Inbound Rules
 and go to New Rule...

Now we check the option Port and go to Next

The next step is to set the Port number that we previously introduced in Emule settings on their respective TCP or UDP boxes. For instance if we have chosen the Option 1 configuration, it would be like this:

After click on Next, check the option Allow the connection like in the image below.

Before finalizing we´ll give a name to identify the port, like for example EmuleTCP, or just emule...

You´ll inmediately see the name you have chosen in the list of Inbound Rules. This means the port is active.

And now we only have to repeat this same process to open the UDP. After this we´ll have the right ports perfectly opened and ready to pass through the Windows Firewall.

Don´t forget you also need to open these same ports on your router, each router model is different so i can´t show how it is done here but it´s very simple and you can find it by just typing "how to open ports" followed by your router model on google search.

-Inside Emule (with the settings closed) go to the section "Servers"

We need to add a minimum of servers, here´s a list of active emule servers:









ed2k://|server||4321|/ – eDonkeyServer No2 

Copy every url and paste it to the right side of the Servers section and click Update:

And Connect

Now click on "Kad" and Connect again

The configuration most commonly used is the Option 3, but you can try any of them since you can always go back without any problem at all to the default settings you had before, just try and test what works best for you.

To speed up to the max: